Taking a moment from a busy day to say:


O. M. G.

Normally it wouldn’t be a problem for my chunker to move up a size in clothes. Other than a wistful smile at his tiny previous size, I’m okay with it. I made a commitment to love my child growing up and changing and I generally abide by that rule. HOWEVER. Caden’s next bag of clothes, 9-12 months, ARE ALL SUMMER CLOTHES. 

This will be a problem if he decides to fit in them in January. What do you think, can I squeeze him in 6-9 month clothes for another 5 months? Pretty please??? 

Because this frugal, garage sale shopping mom doesn’t want to go to a consignment store and pay $3-5 for each piece of winter clothing that will fit my monster for 2 months. 

Maybe we’ll just move to Florida in January. I wouldn’t mind a temporary change of scenery until spring in Indiana!!

PS- My baby will be 3 months on Sunday. This is why it’s not fair. I was worried before I had him that I would have a super-grower and all my clothes shopping would be in vain. Alas, it was:(