Have you ever wondered:

  • Baby C must have to work very hard to push himself up while on his tummy. Is it like doing pushups? It wears him out after 5-10 minutes!
  • It must be awfully comfortable to be a dog, lying on the floor all day, just following the sun around the house.
  • Don’t babies’ limb fall asleep? Baby C has to be swaddled for naps, otherwise his energetic arms wake him. However, he NEVER complains about sleeping for hours in the same position. HOW???
  • Also, I would also really hate having a wet diaper. Squishy, wet, icky.

Now- House News:

Our new house has squishy mold in it! Great transition, right???

So we had the inspection on our potential house on Friday. Other than not being able to turn on the well water, things were pretty much as we expected. The biggest issues we’ll need to deal with are a mold problem in the basement, fixing the source of the mold (basement to exterior door), and filling in a crazy pond. I know, that sounds like a lot!!! But we’ve got $ set aside to fix the problems and since the house is bank owned, we’re getting it for a pretty good price.

It’s on a 2.7 acre wooded lot that has a creek down the backyard wooded hill. So lovely and peaceful down by the creek:) It’s a 2 story English Tudor with a basement (that we won’t finish until we need room fro more kids), 2 fireplaces, and a giant deck. I’d show you pics of it but we haven’t taken any of the outside front of the house and all the ones online have the address on them. I’ve had a stalker on my blog before so no addresses on here!!!

Anyway, we’re having a few more inspections and repair estimates done this week and we’ll know midweek if we are going to pursue.

PS I sure want this house no matter what. J will be my voice of reason.