So as new parents our minds are a bit fuzzy, right? The whole no sleep thing? Well, today is DST day and a Sunday so J and I played in bed with baby C for a while (smiles!!!) then got up for breakfast. We only have 2 clocks in our temporary house, compared to the 7+ in our old house. Yeah, I love knowing the exact time. So after talking about the time change for a sec, we changed the clocks from 9:16 to 10:16. Yay, we slept later than we have in 2.5 months!!

Then, while C is happily napping, J and I are sitting at the kitchen table, planning our decor and colors for our new house (more on that later) when we wonder aloud why our Macs are still on old time. WTF? Both lappies are 2 hours behind? Whatever! SUDDENLY J realizes our clocks should have been set an hour EARLIER!! Oops, we sprang forward last spring and now we are accidentally falling forward in the fall too!!

SO WE GAINED AN EXTRA !!!!2!!!! HOURS TODAY!!!!!!! We’ve been living in the 9:00 hour on a Sunday for over 2 hours now!! Talk about a relaxing morning!!!

~More on the new house later today~