My baby boy loves his daddy:) And J sure is the best dad in the world. Nothing like an amazing husband to keep a crazy me sane. J is the kind of man who will come home from a long day at work, find me a stressed mess trying to calm down the newbie babe, and without a thought he will finish (or start!) dinner, clean the kitchen, and then jiggle C to sleep. Such a dedicated dad and hubby!!!

Since I’m now a stay at home momma, my new job is to:

  • raise, educate, and nurture our kid
  • clean
  • cook
  • do laundry
  • grocery shop
  • pay the bills
  • and anything else that comes up during the day:)

Makes my old 45 hours a week teaching job seem easy!

Of course since my job isn’t confined to an 8 hour weekday and centers around a volatile yet oh so beautiful 2 month old, delightful hubby gets to work overtime with me. And he does it so graciously and happily. I feel very grateful for this and for him!

BTW, someone asked me (and I used to wonder this myself!) if I get bored being a SAHM. And the answer is NO WAY HOSEA. NOOOPE. Really, I have no time to get bored. Once (last week?) I actually sat and read a book during naptime! For 30 minutes!!! That’s the only time I’ve not had something to work on during naptime. And non-naptime is filled with BABY. 

Speaking of work, I’ve got to go be the dishwasher to a countertop of dishes. It will be so nice to have a functioning dishwasher again one day!