Yummy dinner!!! By the firelight!!

J eating yummy dinner.

If you hold C up high, he actually keeps his legs stiff the WHOLE time. Like a little airplane:) And he just stares…

We’ve had a lovely weekend:) Here’s why:

  • I figured out how to get C to fall asleep on his own!!! Sleepy, swaddle, swing. It’s one of those catchy phrases to help you remember things!! Get your kid sleepy, swaddle him tight, set him in his swing with music on!
  • J and I had a delightful 30 minute dinner on our own:) Baby fell asleep on his own and we caught the tail end of his nap. 
  • Today I ordered a breast pump to facilitate more dinners on our own. I have high hopes for an occasional date night, a Harry Potter movie outing with my sisters, and even an afternoon or evening out on my own some day!!
  • Wonderful time with family Friday and Saturday. We helped my mom around her house Saturday afternoon, went to J’s fam for a fun dinner and movie. 
  • Long lazy day Sunday:) We’ve done nothing today but play with Baby Boy, surf the web, go for a walk, and talk:) Oh happy lazy day, we needed you!