Our kid is 8 weeks old and we already like watching home videos of him. Our comments while watching them go like this:

“AWWWWW!!” “Look at how skinny he was!!” “Like a starving baby!” “AWWWW!!!” “Look how he can’t control his hands!” “AWWWWW!!!!” “We made such a cute baby! Look C, look how cute you were!” “AWWWWW!!!”

Also, C’s legs and arms are now too long for his 0-3 month clothes. I switched them out with the 3-6 month ones today… I must admit, I am very proud to be the sole source of my kid’s chub. Pretty happy I’ve been the one to grow him from 1 cell to a 13-14 pound baby:)

I am also very glad we don’t have to keep video-taping our pets. Seems a little more acceptable to have movies of your kid rather than your dog and cat. Oddly enough J did the pet videotaping and I do the C recording….

BTW, J and I discovered that we are too old and intellectual (code for stuck up) to listen to pop radio. Good thing we are NPR junkies since current music tends to inspire mucho mocking. We turned on the radio for C the other night in the car (he was screaming) and when he hushed, all you could hear was hubby and I mercilessly making fun of pop songs. So entertaining!!!

Baby is waking for his 10:27 PM meal, gotta go!