And Smiles!!

And gets Daddy to play goofy hand games!

 Then feels very stunned as he realizes he’s not in the womb anymore.

Today I went to J’s work for a big lunch they had and my bread pudding (Leah’s recipe) won FIRST PLACE in the food competition!!!! I’m a pretty competitive person so this was a big score for me. Unfortunately 1st prize was a giftcard to Cheeseburger in Paradise but I guess we can go there sometime for a date night. Would have liked it better had it been a Target giftcard!!!

Have you ever noticed people are ridiculously nice to pregnant women and people with small babies? I think it is our species way of preserving itself. Even grouchy old men like babies and pregnant ladies. 

Tonight I am going to get my hair cut .WITHOUT. the Amazing Child present!!! Without my baby!!! I hope he doesn’t scream himself silly while I’m gone. I’m a little nervous about it.

Will update you on the haircut and baby howling later!!