C likes to stretch and hold his feet up and out. He did this inside me too!!!

This is C’s classic “I’m Pooping” face

This is his “I’m Full For 2 Seconds” face

I would like to apologize to my reader. The subject matter of this blog is probably going to change from my random thoughts to those about The Most Perfect Being In the World: My Son. Feel free to stop reading if this is annoying to you. However, He Who Is The Center of My Universe at the moment is highly amusing and my focus right now. Oops to those of you who are annoyed by people who drone ON and ON and ON about their kids. Unsubscribe me!! 

Yesterday was J’s birthday!!! Yay 29 years!!!! We went to a lovely little Asian restaurant, ate good food in surprisingly reasonable portions (no leftovers!! What, did we leave America???), and had iced Vietnamese coffee. The restaurant owner remarked on how we were holding C and didn’t have him in a baby carrier/pumpkin seat. I tried to explain to him that we had a convertible carseat that stays in the car but I think he was still a bit confused. Should whipped out the baby sling to blow his mind even more but I had forgotten it:( Or even pulled out a cloth diaper. OR TOLD HIM WE HAD OUR BABY AT HOME!!!


Anyway: after eating, we changed C’s diaper in the car but what do you know, the kid wasn’t quite finished pooping. Oh the joys of watching non-stop goop squirt out your child’s rear end while trying to keep your skirt from blowing up in the wind, hunched next to your car’s backseat.  

Back to the birthday man: J is such a good daddy:) He keeps C warm with socks, hats, and blankets, plays with him (as much as you can play with a 10 day old kid), changes lots of diapers, holds fussy C, and asks C’s doctor smart questions. Also, he gets me food and stuff when The Brilliant and Advanced For His Age Child has me tied down, chops up a whole watermelon so I won’t have to later, and listens to me ramble about baby stuff and random thoughts. 

I love my hubby lots but after C’s birth day, when J stayed with me the WHOLE DAY, even held his breath and pushed when I pushed, endured me scratching up his hands with my nails, and took such wonderful care of me that week, I love him even more. Sure makes you appreciate your significant other when they make you such a priority just because they love you!

So: HAPPY (yesterday) BIRTHDAY J!!!!!