C sunning (he was jaundiced) in normally unused crib, rollsrollsrolls, and viola!!! He falls for The Baby Trap!!

My baby is sleeping and I already got a 30 minute nap this morning so I cleaned the house, am eating lunch, and writing this. Lucky for you!!!

This is what our days are like Post Baby Jarvis (PBJ): I eat, C nurses, nurses, poops, nurses, plays, pees, nurses, sleeps. I eat, C nurses, nurses, poops, nurses, pees, plays, nurses, sleeps. I eat, C nurses, nurses, plays, poops, nurses, pees, nurses, sleeps.

In the evening we like to mix it up: we dim all the lights, C nurses, nurses, nurses, I get ready for bed, C poops, nurses, we sleep, sleep, sleep, he eats, we sleep, we wake.

4 nights in a row now he’s slept 6-8 hours and only wakes up once or twice a night. I attribute it to his mad nursing skillz during the day. Each night I brace myself for no sleep but then I get to sleep awesome stretches like 4 hours and it is HEAVEN. My legs get so relaxed, my hips don’t ache from a giant baby between them, and I don’t get heartburn!


Plus I get a squishy baby to cuddle all day. How score-alicious is that???

So, news other than The Light of the Universe Who Happens to be My Child: Tomorrow is J’s birthday and C’s first doctor appointment. We are also going to attempt to go to a restaurant for an early family birthday dinner. Those of you who have actually eaten out with a newborn, please don’t laugh, we’d like to at least attempt it. It’ll make J’s birthday a great adventure! Super fun!!

House News: We met the person who is buying our house at Saturday’s inspection and I’m pretty sure he’ll take good care of my first home. We move in 26 days and close in 32 days!!! EEEK! The fact that we have no house to move to isn’t phasing me too much. We’ll live with my mom till we find another place and are looking at a few houses on Thursday. I’ll commence with panicking in about 2 weeks I’m sure. 

Well, this is a LONGGGGG post. I should fold laundry (babies make tons of laundry, especially when you are using cloth wipes and diapers), attack my To Do List, and go look at my baby. Probably I’ll only look at the baby and the do the laundry. That To Do list is a bit daunting.