It’s been a while peeps. Here’s an update on my current life:

  • Helped my sister move in to her new college apartment today. It’s so nice!!
  • Delightful, beautiful, sweet new niece will be 1 month tomorrow! New apartment sister will be 19 tomorrow!!
  • Someone wants to buy my house! The couple likes it a lot and put in the offer that my curtains will stay with the house. Poor red kitchen curtains:(
  • I need to relax more cause I’m almost out of time to do that! So I took a 1.5 hour nap today. Apparently moving someone in makes me tired.
  • It’s easier to stay awake at night than to get comfortable and sleep. Funny:)
  •  My toosh hurts when I drive. But only on the left side.
  • I LOVE summer food!!! Nothing like eating tons of fresh veggies and fruit from the CSA or farmer’s market.
  • Only 2 more weeks until this baby is fully cooked! In fact, he can really come now and we’d all be perfectly happy:)

That’s all for now:)