I would just like to reiterate that I WILL NEVER HAVE AN INDOOR CAT AGAIN. Ever. Dogs I can handle, cats NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO.  

So in the process of putting the house up for sale, I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and simplifying like a MADWOMAN for a few weeks. Today was carpet cleaning day and BOY AM I ANNOYED WITH SPOCK. The house STILL has a lingering “I hate you so I’m peeing all over your house” smell from months ago. Can’t even clean it with a Hoovernobodydoesitlikeyou Steam Vac. For the second time really, since I steam cleaned it a few months ago. Should have kicked the cat out last year, not this spring. 

Baby agrees cause he just moved and I looked down my my belly was RIDICULOUSLY crooked. He was getting mad with me, delightful child. WAY TO GO BABY.