My sister Bekah hates anything to do with babies until they are about 1-2 years. Or at least that’s what she SAYS. I know she secretly loves it when I rub my belly against her. Baby bellies make Bekah so happy!! 

BTW, anyone who hates baby talk like Bekah should stop reading.

I’m taking a Hynobabies class starting on Monday (yay!).  This is because I’m having an unmedicated birth and need something to keep me sane and from shrieking while birthing a 6-9 pound child. Hypnobabies will teach me to relax and love birth!! So my Hypnobabies teacher sent me a sampler CD of what I’ll be learning in the class. This CD has 2 tracks and I’ve listened to each of them once, falling asleep each time. That’s how relaxing this Hypnobabies stuff is!!! I’ll fall asleep during my baby’s birth!!! Pain free, deep, happy sleep:) With funny dreams.


Here’s a video explaining Hypnobabies a bit more if you’d like to watch it:)

P.S.- Baby is having hiccups right now. This is the 8th time he’s had them in 6 days! I’d be getting pretty annoyed if I were him. It’s HIGH-LAR-EEEE-OUS to feel hiccups in my stomach and lower…. SOOOO weird….