>Apparently it snowed last night and that makes me happy:) I love snow! I love driving in snow! I love looking at snow! I love walking in snow! I don’t love playing in snow because I hate being cold.

When I left for work at 7:25, my 7 minute commute was ruined. Not by snow, but by ice. Well, not ruined but really SLOWED. Took me over 30 minutes so I got to listen to to NPR longer!

Kids are supposed to be at school at 9:00 but the last of them didn’t get in until 11:00!! HAH, they shoulda called a 2 hour delay!!!! It was an odd day but it worked…

Did You Know: Eugene Hutz’s (of Gogol Borello) dad was arrested for listening to the BBC in Russia? NEITHER DID I. Jo alerted me that Hutz was interviewed on Fresh Air Friday night. When I grow up, I want to be in Gogol Bordello.