One of my friends is in grad school for Library and Information Science, and Archive Management. Now I don’t know about you but I’m pretty jealous of her career. Not that I could ever do it because I couldn’t sit still that long all day, but WOW. Books all day. WOW.

ANYWAY. Here’s an article she found about choosing how to preserve books simply by smelling them. Smell the VOCs in a book and know how to save it. It is very thrilling to me to read terms like “material degradomics“. WOWOW. On a side note, as a freakish environmentalist, I tend to avoid VOCs. NOT ANYMORE. Not anymore. As Neko Case sings, never turn your back on Mother Earth.

Sigh. I love the smell of old books.

On another side note, I love smart speak. When J talks programing/computer speak, I like it (hehe). When he gets together with my bros, it’s hard to understand anything they say. When my sis and bros talk photography, I am in awe. Yesterday I had coffee with my other sis and her guy/boy/friend/datee and they talked physics and astronomy. SO COOL. I think my education lingo is a bit sad and pathetic. Perhaps that’s because I know it all. DIBELs, IEPS, 504s, and NWEA are everyday to me. I WISH I COULD SMART SPEAK. My goal in life. Say things no one else can understand.

And: TODAY I BOUGHT EGGNOG. From Trader’s Point Creamery. From my meat shop. Moody’s Meats.