>So today.

I’m teaching the kiddos about verbs the past few weeks. As with MANY subjects, this is incredibly complex in the 4th grade world so I try to simplify. I tell them if you can do it, it’s a verb. If it’s a thing or has a/an/the in front of it, it’s noun.

This is how our conversation went today:

Me: Okay, let’s all write the spelling word ‘comb’ in a sentence. I want you to use a helping and a main verb. Oh, and comb needs to be a verb.
Them: A VERB? HOW??????
Me: ‘I will comb my hair.’ See? A boring but correct sentence, right?
Them: Yeah, uh huh, right, makes PERFECT sense crazy lady.

They proceed to write sentences on their dry erase boards. I help them. Together we go over some sentences.
Shelven: Here’s mine!
Me, reading aloud: ‘She will walk over there and pick up the comb.’ Great, you have a helping and main verb. But is comb a verb here? Can you do it? Can you do a comb? (in head: that doesn’t sound right, I hope they don’t notice)

That was when a couple of giggles erupted because I’d asked 4th graders, who DON’T KNOW WHAT A VERB IS, if they could do a comb. And they knew what it meant.

COME ON KIDS. Learn your verbs, not your dirty innuendos!!!!!