J and I just chopped veggies for stir fry, chopped and baked 3 pumpkins, made stir fry, dug out pumpkin flesh from 3 pumpkins, made pi crust, made 2 pumpkin pies, made pumpkin bread, chopped stuff for and made brocolli casserole, ect. Ect. stands for all the TRILLIONS OF DISHES WE HAD TO CLEAN AFTERWARDS. I’d post pics cause J made me take some but I’m far too tired. I do declare, I could just swoon!

Yes I’m tired. You should have seen the dishes. Yes. The pumpkin bread is still rising, waiting to be baked. Have to wait till tomorrow. I’m tired. And I really wanted to finish reading my book tonight. I’M AT THE END!!

Tomorrow I’ll pick up the lovely, free range, happy turkey after work. Then I’ll haul its 25 pound carcass to my house, load up my bags, the foods, the animals, and whatever else wants to tag along to mamma mia’s. Oh, and the bread dough too. Gotta bake that sometime…