>I think doing a Christmas with no gifts (or at least no gifts for adults) would be fine:) My family has been trading adult names for a while but everyone still buys for the kids. Btw, I lOVE Christmas shopping so I’d guess I’d really be a bit sad to see it go. And since we save money each month the whole year for gifts, it’s not a big financial hassle.

But a gift free Christmas. It just sounds nice. Stress free. Christmas Day with food and talking all around!!!

I like a new singer: Erin Mckeown. She’s delightful and her lyrics sometimes sound like a beautiful classic book! She sings “inane” and “a train only follows its rails” and “there’s a risk, there’s a twist, in anything worth doing” and “would that you loved me (or something like that)”!

I’m recently infatuated with a few different artists. CURSE AMAZON AND ITS DAILY SALE ALBUM!!!

Gotta go cook dinner:)