>So in the adult restrooms at work: there are limits on how much toilet paper you are allowed to use.

That’s right. Those in change restrict our toilet paper usage by STOPPING THE TOILET PAPER ROLL FROM TURNING. Yes, they do. They do!! I’m not pulling your leg!! Toilet paper rolls at my workplace do not turn. Is this normal? I’ve always been annoyed by this but this morning, I got a little bit ~ahem add word here~ about it. It’s not been the best of lives for me lately and the toilet paper, damn it, why won’t it turn?????

Because there is nothing else in the world to rant about;)

Except that I think those who are obese, smokers, or non-exercisers should pay more for their insurance. Safeway supports me in this view.

And, that I’m sad my farmer’s market ended Tuesday. I will miss chatting with my fav farmers.

Also, I’m sad I can’t do much for the redwoods that are so tall they blow my mind.

I wish I didn’t have 31 kids in my class so I could focus on each kid as an individual and give them the education they so need and deserve.

I wish I could have a normal holiday just once more in my life. Sad that life changes and I don’t quite know how to deal yet…