>So I found this lovely website somehow and I want this tea. It’s actually been a tab in my Camino browser for a week or so. Once we get new grocery budget money this Friday, I’M ALL OVER IT.

Also, I’d like to add 6 hours to this week, one for each day.

And I’d like to see what happens in Lawrence of Arabia. J and I have been watching the movie for a few night now and last night, LAWRENCE WENT CRAZY!! Poor guy. It kinda ruined my day. I haven’t seen the movie since I was a kid and only remember the most horrible parts (boy exploding, boy getting sucked into quicksand, torturous journeys across desserts). Sometimes I watch these old movies my parents let me watch when I was TINY and I think I WAS ALLOWED TO WATCH THIS?!?! This is like R in 1950’s speak!!!

Really, I have 12,000 things to do tonight so I gotta go.