>This was so awful that I had to post about it. Naturally.

Today a kid in my class, I’ll call him GEORGE, found a big stink in his desk. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most stinky, GEORGE’S stink was at least a 9. This stink was of unknown origin. At least that’s what he insisted to me. This stink left the classroom it was so large. It went down the hallway. It ate all our clean, fresh, natural air. This stink made us all groan and want to puke. It was a mixture of: dead animal, stinky feet, rotting horror.


It was.

I had two papers on my desk GEORGE just turned in and those made my desk stink. FOR REAl. I made the kid clean out his ENTIRE desk contents to bring home over the weekend. I wasn’t letting that stay in my classroom! It had permeated them so completely!!!

Odd thing is, there wasn’t any mess. At all. On anything. After repeated questioning, GEORGE didn’t know what the stink source was. I gave up and wanted to gag all afternoon. It gave me a headache. I feel like I need to shower now. And I HATE showering.


Kids. Remind me to never have one.