>You know what I love? Seeing people grow. Not physically, but more mentally and academically. I was trying to express this to my kiddos today and they stared at me blankly.

I was working with a small group on summarizing an ENTIRE book. Incredibly hard for a 9 year old. Trust me;)

Me: “This is hard, isn’t it?”
Them: “Yes!”
Me: “You know the amazing thing though? In 6 months, I won’t need to help you this much at all! You’ll be able to do this well all on your own! Wow isn’t it?”
Them: Stare. So?
Me: “You will have grown and learned SO much that you will be able to summarize a WHOLE book without my help! It will be so amazing!!”
Them: Stare, nod for loony teacher’s sake.

Hehe. Kids. Don’t appreciate their growing brains:)

Today was violin lesson. I LOVELOVELOVE that I have bow strength now, that my tone is rich. I love that Mary Had a Little Lamb is now child’s play. I love that I can play a 3 note slur. Amazing! Vibrato, here I come!!!