>These are thoughts I’ve had since coming down with a bad cold Thursday:

  1. Should I really be staying home if I’m not puking and dying? Yes, I know I have 48 sick days saved up, BUT STILL. What about the chillens? They need me!! I assuaged my guilt be the reminder that I would have wilted under The Power of The Fourth Grader in my delicate condition. Plus they would have been drenched in my germs.
  2. Yesterday I sneezed at least 60 times. I counted sneezing bouts and multiplied by 4 since I tend to sneeze in 4’s. And these aren’t my normal tiny sneezes, these things are BIG. For me.
  3. I’ve spread germs on probably every surface in the house. Lovely. Of course I worked VERY hard on this, PURPOSEFULLY.
  4. Yesterday I rebounded in the middle of the day and did laundry, hung out laundry, organized guest room closet, organized my closet, went through clothes, did dishes, and cleaned the house. This is when I did the most damage spreading germs.
  5. The Internet doesn’t have anything new. Books make me sleepy since I’m not sleeping well BECAUSE I CANNOT BREATHE. I’ve read 3 magazines. Watched 7 episodes of Gilmore Girls. Ate a lot.
  6. I like being wide awake at 2:30 AM or 5:30 AM because it gives me time to do things. Such as looking at EVERYTHING on the Internet. While sitting on my butt.
  7. I don’t like not sleeping. But even more, I HATE the repetitive, inescapable, sicky dreams I have. OH MY do I hate dreams when I am sick. It’s like I’m hallucinating and all I want to do is LEAVE THE DREAM, NOW. But often I can’t. So I suffer through them.
  8. I’m using cloth napkins to soak the snot oozing out of every pore of my being. I’m not wasting tissues but and spreading germs, once again, by carrying around a snot encrusted red napkin.
  9. I complain a lot.
  10. I’m snarky.

Seriously, you’d think I’m dying from this post. No, just bored. I was with myself all day yesterday.

Since I’m up so early, you think it would be okay to go spread my germs at garage sales?

BTW, next week this time, I’LL BE IN NEW HARMONY. Or waking up to get ready to go there.