>We have a new roundabout in front of my work. It has 2 lanes. AND EITHER I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT OR NO ONE ELSE DOES. Sad when I’m constantly in this predicament….

I’ve asked lots of people. I looked on the Internet. I’ve thought long and hard. I think that the outside lane MUST turn right at the next outlet. I think that the inner lane can turn whenever they want. That seems most logical.

It doesn’t work that way though.

Going straight through a roundabout

See, I get green car. But yellow car CONFUSES me. Shouldn’t she turn right ONLY, at the next right? Because what if green car was already in the roundabout (before either yellow or green were there) and wanted to turn BUT YELLOW CAR WAS GOING STRAIGHT?????? What happens when green and yellow collide?


I think the outer lane should be specified as ONLY turning immediately. That’s how it is at other roundabouts around here.

Because I don’t know whether to yell and curse at yellow cars or apologize.

Sorry for all the caps.