>I easily obsess. Things, ideas, topics, stuff.

Let me just tell you, when I married J, I thought it was so funny (code word WIERD) that he would research items out the wazoo before making a purchase. Like when we went to a new restaurant, he’d pop up with the fact, “They serve the best lobster bisque here.” And I’d look at him and say, “You researched this place, didn’t you?” And I’d think he was odd. The man researches EVERYTHING. I told him when we get pregnant or have kids, I’ll send him to the comp to see if something is normal or to find a solution to a prob. BECAUSE HE’LL FIND 12 SOLUTIONS BACKED UP WITH SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.

And I thought that was odd.

Then I realized I can get VERY obsessed with ANYTHING. I’ve always been this way. Each mid-September, I go w/ my mom and sisters for a girl weekend in New Harmony, Indiana. I am SO excited everyday of the year, each year, and the whole summer (daily), I say to J, “You know what will be nice? NEW HARMONY.” Just ask him. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And sometimes I like to spend HOURS at work, just getting things in order. I could leave. I don’t need to make this document for 10 YEAR OLDS look perfect. And when I wanted to grow a garden, I read every book/website imaginable. I know the names of 12,000 flowers. And when I wanted to be organized, I read everything. As a kid, I’d have 20 books spread all over my bed (with me in it) over one topic. I heart topics!!!!

My new favorite genre, as of 2 years ago is non-fiction. This greatly aids with obsession. I’ve got books on germs, flowers, veggies, organic everything, health, food, local food, vegetarian food, house decor, sewing, organization, environment, etc.

The sad thing is, sometimes my obsessions fade. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t stick with it. Or maybe it’s just that I now know EVERYTHING about that topic and have to move on!!!