>23 out of 32. That’s how many goals I’ve accomplished this year. Not too shabby. I got a 78% on life this year! SCORE!!! Considering I added in 2 new hobbies and have been happily maintaining them, I think I get at least a C+ (maybe even a B-, what do you think?). I’m a better person this year!

I really love playing my violin! It makes me very happy though I’m not that great at it. Each time I practice, J tells me I’m sounding so much better. I think he’s being a little nice but it is nice not to be confined to playing songs like 4 Shorts and 1 Long. Having that one stuck in my head was a little dull. I had to sing it to J a lot for a while since it was stuck in my head. Imagine me singing 4 long notes and then one short one. ENDLESSLY.

My repertoire now includes Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Edelweiss, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. So now I sing those to him. Along with some of my other favs: New World Symphony, The C# Finger Game, and A String Mixer. And, oddly enough, I love playing scales. I think I hated doing those on the piano.

Yesterday, J finished tweaking our wedding video and I finally got to watch it after 2 years! I didn’t realize how much I smiled. I mean seriously, I SMILED SOOOO MUCH. Most of what I remember about my wedding is stress. Stress over getting everything ready, doing a TON of it myself (w/ the fam), and wondering what the heck I was getting myself in to. Yesterday I was sad that I didn’t remember that I smiled so much. I need to revamp my wedding memories. It makes me smile right now to think of it.

And here’s something I didn’t know would happen: I love J 12,000 times more today than I did when we got married. We were talking about this and how I wish we could have another wedding (now that I REALLY love him). Of course, how will I feel 2 years from now? I think maybe next year we should have a giant anniversary party, kind of like a fake wedding, during which I can feel like I’m marrying him again.

Belle and Sebastian are regaining their spot as my favorite band. Sorry Killers, Lizzy overdid you.