In preparation for my violin lesson today at 4, here’s a pic of the lovely instrument. I am reminded of a dream I had a while back in which I bought a violin but accidentally broke it before I could learn to play it. Hehe, because of that, I’m being careful today! I’ve wanted to play the violin ever since I was a little girl and am finally going to!! TODAY!!

Moving on: recently I’ve been sneak brushing my cat while he is eating. Spock is a huge pig and LOVES to eat perhaps more than I love anything in the world. Since he has such long fur and he can’t seem to lick it all off/clean, I’m left w/ the job. It’s actually calming and a practice in patience to get all his excess fur off w/ that fine toothed comb! Like hanging laundry on the clothesline (of which I did 3 loads today) or baking bread (I’ve got dough in the fridge needing to be baked tomorrow). Unfortunately these 3 things don’t seem to be helping my overall patience level day to day. Alas.

I finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle on Tuesday (couldn’t go to sleep until I had so I stayed up late!). The author had great voice but I’m not sure I’d enthusiastically recomend it to many people. 

My little sis, Lizzy, is in the hospital again. She’s been having kidney issues and they think they’ve found the the name of what she has so she’s been on meds for a while. She’s very swollen though (lots of fluids hanging around in her!) and is getting stretch marks on her legs. Today she got worse so my parents are taking her to Riley again. I wish I could do something more than pray…. I’ll visit her tonight or tomorrow and try to cheer her up. Poor kid, she’s been like this since the end of May and it’s going to take her whole summer to get better!