I started my summer jobs this week and have done the following at them: 

  1. Wrote a press release (ridiculously hard since I didn’t know how to write one nor much about the topic about which I was writing). Wrote blog posts and researched lots of stuff.
  2. Planned a summer’s worth of lessons for 10 kids. Tutored 5 kids on Wednesday. 

I ran out of room on my hard drive on Monday!!! EEEEEEKKK!!! So I ordered a new one and just got it today. I’m a bit leery of transferring things to it until J gets home from California. I’m sure I’ll do something wrong. 

Yesterday I rented a steam cleaner and cleaned all the carpeted rooms in my house. Sadie and Spock (mostly Spock) make our house smell icky. So before the cleaning, in preparation, I bought myself a frappuccino. To give me strength. You know.

After cleaning cleaning for 2ish hours, I sort of fell on the couch and read for a few more hours. I was getting really hungry but there wasn’t anyone there to cook for nor was there any food in my house so I just sat there. And read for HOURS. Until J called at 7:30 and my depressing book made me sad to talk to him and I was weak with hunger. WEAK. So I left to return the cleaner machine and bought a pizza. Then I sat around watching my parent’s Star Trek TV series since I needed something to cheer me up.

The Pillers of the Earth, the book I was reading, is a captivating read but everyone is being killed and raped by William of Hamleigh. I HATE WILLIAM. He makes me very angry. Poor Phillip and Aliena and Jack and TOM BUILDER. Poor Tom. I can’t read that book anymore. SO SAD. I get VERY into books and have trouble not adopting the feelings of the characters when I leave the book. 

Anyway, I’m hanging at my momma’s house today. My nephews and I picked strawberries and lettuce for 2 hours this morning and then I spend 1.5 hours cutting and washing everything. The strawberries took the most time!! Yummy though! We’re all eating strawberry shortcake (I’ve had 2 already) today!!!