Sitting and listening to The Killers. I really need to be cooking dinner; it’s my turn but HELLO GIRLS AND BOYS, EVERYONE MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!! J is always a little thrown off when I turn this part of one of their songs WAY UP and scream-sing and headbang. Who couldn’t though? Seriously, how could you go wrong with a song titled: NEON TIGER. Seriously. This has been my favorite band since last summer. Before that it was Belle and Sebastian. Poor Belle and Sebastian, left by the wayside….

Yesterday was super exciting for me: I GOT MY NEW CAMERA!!!! Yet another thing I love more than J. I told him I need to stop teasing him like that, doesn’t seem right to constantly confess I love THINGS more than him, even if I am joking. 

ANYWAY. I sat in the living room waiting for UPS to deliver my Canon 40d, compact flash card, and 50 mm lens for 2 HOURS. I was more excited yesterday than I have been in years. Since my wedding I guess. Then J got home and it was 5:45 and I was so sad! UPS wasn’t coming?!?!?! I was pretty grouchy at dinner. Every time a loud vehicle went by, we both jumped. Then something went by and Sadie started barking, which was my signal that UPS WAS HERE!!!! In the time it took UPS man to walk to my door, I jumped up and down hysterically. It was a little ridiculous. A lot ridiculous. Then I spent 20 minutes unpacking and assembling. Next hour was for reading the manual and taking 84 pictures. Then I spent some time with J, then more with the camera in bed. Oh Canon 40d and manual, how I love you….

Okay, what was this post supposed to be about? I got all caught up in Canon 40d’s beautiful lens…..