So in preparation for the grand “Let’s Have a Baby Next Year” event, I’m reading up on it. I like researching stuff. A LOT. Even though there is not a hint of baby in the picture yet, I want to know everything about the little creatures. EVERYTHING.

Funny rambling: so most of my friends have kids and they love to talk about them. I like to listen and learn. And then talk to my childless friends about our dogs. Yes, about our pets, you read right. Boy, we sure can go on about them, just like the ‘real’ moms can. When I get together with said group of friends we eventually morph into 2 groups: one discussing children, the other discussing dogs. Hehe. Happens every time. 

So here’s my current read (well, I’m actually in the middle of about 4 books but this one is the focus of the day):  Bright From the Start. Preeetty interesting and lots of data to back up what the author is saying. Here’s a little something: Children under 2 do not have the ability to focus long on anything (as well evidenced by those crazy kindergarteners wandering through the halls at my school. Shudder.). When babies watch TV, their brains are actually being trained to work better with shorter time frames (think commercials). The constant interruptions inhibit the growth of their developing attention spans. Thus, I get 30 ten year olds whose brains are not able to focus on me for long! ADHD symptom central, here we come!!! 

So many things in a child’s life are beyond their control. We shape our children based on our interactions with them and our guidance of their lives. Poor kiddos, I wonder how it must feel to have so little control? Hey, I was a kid once, I can tell you how it felt!! I remember feeling inconsequential at times, not listened to, and, of course, looked down on. Why do I have to go to bed by 10:15? Why don’t you understand how important this is to me? Why does Mom love my brothers and sisters more than me? Poor miserable little me. Funny how things make so much more sense now. Now boys are the only thing I still haven’t figured out. 

School’s out in 2.5 weeks! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!