Cheap COOL clothes, check it out!!

Makes me sad I pledged to buy everything used, nothing new. I cannot splurge on the lovely sale. But this is a good thing because we got our World Vision magazine today (they send it every couple months to remind me why I sponsor a kid and why I am very lucky to live where I do). GEEZ OH PETE. I have so much! And really, I don’t have that much compared to others. I think clutter is distracting and burdensome so I try to have  only a few possessions that I really like. WV is right when they wrote in an article that few Americans (at least those I know) have gone even 1 day w/o food.  

Wow, there are so many people that have nothing while I sit in my living room, filled with more ‘things’ than others may possess in their entire house. I have a closet full of clothes and a shoe fettish (very cheaply fed) that could keep me going for years. I have a pantry that is well stocked. A car that I don’t need to worry about. I own and feed pets!!! Do you ever feel too blessed?