[Cartoon by Steve Greenburg]

The EPA on Friday declared that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases sent off by cars and many industrial plants “endanger public health and welfare,” setting the stage for regulating them under federal clean air laws.- NPR

Wonderful! Government and regulations can take a long time to be implemented but at least we’re getting closer! I hate for government to get bigger and impose itself on more of our lives, but I think in this situation, it is warranted. How else are we going to get factories or automakers to cut down on chemicals they dump in our air, water, and land? I don’t like 28% of my money being taken by the government but when I hear they will invest it in high speed rail across the US or in forcing industry to cut down on emissions, I feel a little better. I’m willing to pay a bit extra for food grown without chemicals, cars that get great mileage, or electricity that is produced responsibly. Many people have bigger issues (jobs, kids, housing, etc.) to worry about than the environment. I don’t, so I’ll take on this seemingly trivial load and cheer it on!!! Yay for a president that at least gets that we need to change how we are treating the wonderful planet God gave us! Stewardship involves more care and regulation than we have shown!

A blog I read was discussing buying only handmade clothing and how it benefits people and businesses locally, rather than a sweatshop in China. She (the blogger) committed to buying only handmade items from now on.  Well, with my limited personal spending budget of $75 a month (for eating out, clothing, shoes, visiting friends, library fines, etc.) I really can’t commit to buying handmade. However, I am, from last week forth, buying only USED ITEMS!!! This does not apply to underware and probably shoes. Any clothing will be bought from Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, or garage sales , which won’t be that big of a change. I am a very cheap person when it comes to mostly everything so I already seek out good deals. I’m going to carry my Used Items pledge over to the house and try to find anything we might need (tupperware, circular saw, food processor). I’ve found how to get an RSS feed for a specific Craigslist search and just check my Google Reader instead of going to Craigslist every day. Now I know exactly when someone posts a sell of something I am looking for!


When you visit a strange church, do you ever think about how to do communion? Some churches allow you to reflect and pray before drinking and eating. Some churches like you to get the tray, grab a cup, gulp it down, slam it back on said tray, and send it on its way. I was visiting KY several months ago and was sitting with my new cousins. One of them whispered to me “Sarah, how do they do communion here?” I was confused at the question and had to watch the people in front of me, then whispered back the answer. Communion can be a bit confusing in a new environment. 

We’re planning a road trip to New York and Maine this summer. I feel so overwhelmed being forced to pick, unseen, the best places to visit in an entire city or state. Maine is giant!! New York City is much smaller but oh so compact!!

It is 71 degrees today! And sunny! I need to go outside soon! Anyone know where the degree key is on a keyboard? Never have found it in 27 years. 

I will be 28 next Saturday!! My birthday! I love my birthday. Last year I felt that I didn’t deserve the attention I received from family and friends on my birthday. Bad time for me. This year I will love and bathe in it:) Good time for me!!!!

As soon as I get home from work, I sit on the couch (teaching 29 kiddos keeps me on my feet all day), check out my websites, and eat pumpkin seeds and almonds. Next week I plan to add walnuts to my routine since I need more omega 3’s. I love nuts:)

Yesterday I saw a mouse get strangled by a boa constrictor and eaten. Weird and mesmerizing. I also was given a Coldstone Creamery sundae. Delightful!

That must be all for today, I need to go outside and construct a compost bin using my overwhelming amounts of wit, fortitude, and power. Have a delightful day!!