How do I cry? Let me count the ways…

  1. The Sound of Music clip I posted the other day made me cry.  
  2. When my students cry. 
  3. Baptism Sunday at church, whenever they dunk a person. 
  4. When people shout they are debt free on Dave Ramsey’s podcast.
  5. Watching people finish races. 

I think this crying has become more developed as the years go by. In addition to crazy crying urges, I now foster a healthy fear of heights, especially when kids are around. Send me up to a high place with a child 15 years ago and I’d be hanging over the edge, looking down with them. Today, I’d grab them and slink with my back along the wall, averting my eyes from the DEADLY precipice that is enticing us to FALL FALL FALL. I try very hard to not be to crazy about this. Also, blood makes my heart skip a beat. But I’ve always felt that way. When a bloody, hurt child comes up to me this happens: 

  1. I look at their injury.
  2. Heart skips beat.
  3. I smile and make it seem like no big deal (even if I thinking HOLY CRAPPOLA!!!!!).
  4. I hold their injured limb together and walk them to the nurse, or send a kid with them if it isn’t severe.
  5. Turn back to my other kids who are gaping, and smile and continue with whatever we were doing. 
  6. Calm my shaking, calm my innards.
  7. Confront it and discuss it with the kiddos when I am calm.
  8. I mount 12 TONS of praise on myself for staying calm and not puking.

I should change this blog to How Awesome I Am. And then fall daily on my face. 

Yesterday I walked 15,000 steps. That is how minorly awesome I am. 

J is getting a pizza right now from Eh, Formaggio! and then we will watch Rachel Getting Married and have a slovenly, lovely evening! Tomorrow I’ll decorate Easter eggs w/ the sisters, nephews, niece, and whoever else is around. Then I’ll grocery shop at night (I’m excited about that part!!!). Sunday we’ll go to J’s parents’ church and to their house for lunch. We will then proceed to my parents’ house for dinnerish, then return home to Sadie and Spock!!

TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!

I will endeavor to begin talking like an adult tomorrow. No more score and freaking.