And I thought a calorie counter was cool. Well, I thought it was cool a month ago when I linked to it from something or other, wrote it down, and promptly forgot about it. I found it today and thought I’d check it out and lo and behold, IT GAVE ME GRADES ON WHAT I ATE!!! As an over-achiever, I love getting grades because I think I’m awesome at everything. Here’s what I earned according to my grader

3 blueberry pancakes w/ maple syrup: B

2% milk: A-

1/2 cup almonds: B+

lots of water: A+ (there wasn’t a grade for water, I gave it the A+)

PBJ (1 white, 1 whole wheat piece of bread, natural PB, blueberry jam): B+ (no grade, again, this is merely my prerogative)

Baked BBQ Lays: B- (never eat chips but they had them at my training, so I did)

Rice Krispies Treat: C+ (yeah, I had the munchies)

Mac and cheese (homemade w/ wheat pasta): A

Portabella mushroom w/ ricotta and tomatoes: A (again, my grade)

2% milk: A-

Green tea: A

I GOT ALL A’S AND B’S!!!!!! Score!!! BTW, I predicted what I would eat for dinner based on fridge contents. 

Here are some other cool thing is have discovered lately: 

  1. The new Zumba dance moves I learned yesterday made my neck muscles and my head sore. Wierdest thing ever.
  2. Whilst I may be turning 28 in 17 days, my real age is only 23.5!! Score again!!!
  3. I am doing very well on being green. 9 out of 10 accomplished and in place and we are hanging a clothes line soon (hopefully this actually happens, we’ve had it for over a year!! Slackers, I know!)
  4. I am really trying to enjoy my food. J and I were listening to NPR and heard a story about food. Ever been so focused on reading or watching TV while eating that you forget to taste your food? Today I really enjoyed the aforementioned Rice Krispies Treat. It had such a lovely crunch. 
  5. MEDITATION!!!! Not the new age kind, but just sitting and breathing to clear my brain before sleeping. I only tried this on Monday but I did get high on air. Free substance abuse!!! I realized after a while that I was feeling dizzy, similiar to the way I feel when blowing up many balloons too fast. I considered this and realized maybe I was getting too in to meditation. My first try was fun though. I think funny words while breathing. Like ‘yaw’ and ‘weeeeeee’ and ‘heeeeee’. Fun:)
  6. MY COMPOST WORMS SURVIVED A WINTER IN THE GARAGE!!!! I checked on them yesterday and they are frantically slithering to the surface in search of food. Poor frozen  and deprived worms. Animal abuse from the vegetarian who hates killing animals.
  7. I really LOVE red bell peppers. Being a vegetarian has made me incredibly unpicky. Hasn’t erased all remnants of my former picky self but I am breaking down quite a few walls. I love grilled bell peppers and mushrooms SO MUCH. 
  8. I was at literacy training today at the administration building. Pedometer registers only 2,000 steps!!! GEEZ OH PETE. I am going on a long walk w/ Sadie at 5:00. 
  9. I am considering setting a no shopping goal. Wondering if this is attainable for me. Wondering what I would do w/ my personal money if I didn’t shop? Some big purchase for myself in 6 months? Or maybe limiting myself to 1 shirt, bottoms, shoes each month? Hmmm, more thought is required.
  10. Can’t end w/o a 10. That would leave us on an odd number and that would bother the OCD part or me. Oh, here: my sick sis sent me a link to a new blog (as if I need to add more blogs to Google Reader!!!): Making It Lovely. Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

PS- I had 19 spelling errors in this tiny post. Oh no, an odd number!!! I am able to blame some of the many mistakes on my terrible typing skills and not just my spelling skills.