I made this purse on Wednesday.  I love it!!! Looks kinda like a shirt here…..

This is our front lawn  tree. Some day we’ll have a house with 100 on the front lawn! And a much bigger front lawn. For now, a plastic box house will have to do. 

After lunch today (leftover Rathskeller from last night) I went to the grocery store. On a Saturday. And yes, I went to Walmart. EEEKKK!!

Normally I don’t do much of my shopping at Walmart (due to hubby hating it and their sad, sad produce). But I went today, on a Saturday no less!!! After I had scanned all my things (it is easier to scan my own stuff since I use my own bags and like to thoroughly stuff them) and filled 3 bags, I couldn’t get an in store credit to scan properly. An employee came over and tried to fix it but ended up deleting my order!! For a minute I was a bit annoyed with her but then I realized, who cares!?!? So I got to rescan everything and smile a lot while I was at it. I must have looked kinda silly, unbagging, scanning, bagging. Hehe, it was kinda funny:)  Reminded me of the time I went to Taco Bell (another bad decision) and they didn’t have: chips, Baja dressing, forks, spoons, sporks, knives, or straws. I had my nephews and niece with me that time and we laughed a lot. 

After Walmart, I drove to another grocery store and passed Steak n’ Shake, which was on fire!! Poor yummy fries and milkshakes! And, while listening to NPR later, I heard a cool new band and wrote it down to check out later. I then proceeded to drive home and honk at a lady who was turning and actually had the right of way. I only realized I was the idiot and “why the heck did I honk” after the fact. I wish we had a universal ‘sorry’ signal so I could apologize on the street. I’m sorry, poor lady!!!

After shopping, came home and NO HUBBY!! Since he is a man, he occasionally just leaves/walks away w/o letting me know where he’s off to. It’s funny most of the time. Today he called and apologized for not leaving a note and told me where he was and when he would be home:) Awwww:)

This was my relaxing and sunny day.