And I thought the book was dramatic! This movie stars 2 drugged-looking teens who have the smoldering look down. Geez oh Pete, good thing J. isn’t here watching it with me otherwise he’d be cutting this movie to shreds. I’d probably be joining in after a few minutes of disapproval. Right now, 30 minutes into it, I feel like laughing a lot. OMG, Edward just started carrying/running with Bella and I AM laughing!!!!! The books were entertaining and addictive but this is kinda ludicrous. Edward to Bella- “You’re like my own personal brand of heroin.” Sigh, why doesn’t J. ever say things like that to me?!?!?!

Okay, all done watching the movie. 

I was impressed by how Bella and Edward loved one another in the book. They were portrayed as having such a devouring, obsessive love!! Didn’t quite get that feel throughout a lot of the movie. It did get better the second half though… In the movie they were sweet and playful sometimes. Didn’t quite get that from the book. Sigh. The books were terribly entertaining but a very easy read (at least the first 3, haven’t committed to the fourth yet). I enjoyed them a lot but really, I enjoyed them like cotton candy: fun, light, and fluffy.

You know what the movie and the books (and the music in the movie) make me really grateful for? The fact that I’m not a teenager anymore. Seriously!!!! Sure, I’m dramatic and overblown even now (and WAY too sensitive) but I remember how confused I was as a teen. I didn’t really know what to think about life or myself and I wanted to try everything to make the right judgements about it all. Not that I was a wild teenager really but the point is this: at least I don’t have to do that again! Boy am I glad I’m a boring old adult now, someone who works 45 hours a week, has a budget, and goes to bed by 10 on weeknights. What a sigh of relief that is!!! Good for me that I’m away from all those wild and crazy adventure kids have!!!

BTW, how hard is it to change the toilet paper when the roll is empty? Let’s take a poll just to see.