Here’s a pic of my niece for Random Day.

One month until my 28th birthday and I already have my birthday list made. My family likes to have birthday lists to assist in birthday gift shopping and usually I can’t think of what I would like. Topping my list this year are barrels and 4 wooden pallets. These will help me in my 2008 goals of collecting rainwater from my gutters and building a better compost bin. I’m hoping some family member will help me out here cause I’m too lazy to raid the pallets behind a store and really can’t find barrels anywhere. 

Random Day: My cat is long haired and is starting spring shedding. Fun. Billows of hair everywhere. 

The average person drinks 20 gallons of milk. J. and I each drink 30 gallons a year. I calculated. 

I took Sadie for a walk and listened to Dave Ramsey on Henry, my i-pod. 

J. and I had a terrifically grouchy night last night. I mean, seriously, anyone want to take lessons to hone their crabbiness skills? Come visit us after we’ve had a busy week. J. just got home. Wish us happy luck!!!