I don’t know where my husband is tonight. I’m assuming he’s working late and will get up in a minute to call him. He is usually pretty good about calling to let me know he’ll be late. He is now 1.5 hours late but has been doing a lot of job training and classes lately so he could very well be swamped in his cubicle. Last night he was out till 9:30!!!!!!

In the meantime, I found a new blog!!!! It is The Heart Scan Blog and I don’t know if the guy is off his rocker or a respected doctor. His book got good reviews on Amazon, not that that means a whole lot about the validity of his medical advice.  I did find out that according to him, wheat diets are actually not heart friendly!! I’ll definitely have to look into that more!! I’m all about the whole wheat but apparently it promotes blockage in the heart and we should only consume 60 grams (max!!) of carbs per meal. Hmm…. This is what I ate today: oatmeal, orange, granola bar, PBJ sandwich, yogurt with strawberries, 2 cookies, 12 almonds (hehe, 12 is my limit!), veggie/rice stir fry, and later maybe I’ll have some tea. That’s a lot of grains!!!!!! Hmm….. Again with the hmming!!!!

Here’s an interesting post about high fructose corn syrup, something my brother in law rants about (and rightly so!!!). It is nice not to be the only ranter in the family now. My mom actually declined when I offered to bring a dessert to her house last weekend because “I’d only make something healthy.” I laughed because I guess that is true. What’s the problem with sneaking in ground flax seed or only cooking with fruit? Apparently my whole wheat flour has been killing everyone for while now, unbeknownst to me. Sorry family and friends!!! I’ll stop being healthy!!!

Here’s a good clip about the dangers of HFCS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrRqr8BaBWo. I wasn’t surprised that 2/3 the food in grocery stores contain HFCS. Kinda motivates me to get up right now and check my ketchup and tomato sauce, 2 things I don’t check for HFCS before buying. I usually make most our meals from scratch and we rarely buy processed/pre-made foods. Wait, what about salad dressing? Does that have HFCS? I really need to get up and check. Maybe all the wheat I consumed today has made me sluggish. Or I could blame it on the sleepless husband last night and his tossing and turning. Or the 29 kids sucking my life force out for hours each day. Awww, I love my hubby and kids. I should call hubby and make sure he isn’t dead. 

Hey, the tornado sirens just started going off! I always think I’ll be able to hear a tornado coming so I rarely hide in the closet like I’m supposed to.  J. is a good emergency husband and prepares the closet-shelter. He wonders aloud about things like “What about the animals?” or “We need to get in there, now!!!” or “My wife is insane.”. I watch TV, surf the Internet, or cook through alarms. I don’t know if that is good or bad.