Being a vegetarian is one of the hardest and most wonderful things I have ever done. I bet you’re thinking “Hard? You must have a pretty easy life!” And yeah, you are right: I am a wimp so I do try to have an easy life. But really, changing my eating habits over the course of 1 year and 3 months has been an very educational experience. 

In the beginning, when people asked why I became a vegetarian I actually answered them. Then when I realized they liked to make fun of me for my reasons, I just started answering the questions with: “Just because.” I got funny looks from some people for the short and vague reply but really, what I think is: “I’m not telling you my reasons if your just going to argue with me about them. Do I provoke you into conversations about the downfalls of eating meat?” I like to avoid confrontation so let’s just not talk:)

If you are interested, here’s what I really think:

  1. Commercial beef practices are bad for the environment. Cows produce LOTS of methane gas. Take up a lot of space. Use a lot of resources. 
  2. Dead animals don’t make me happy.
  3. Commercial meat practices aren’t sanitary, healthy, or in the best interest of consumers.
  4. Meat isn’t really all that healthy for humans. 

The many things I have learned while being a vegetarian are:

  1. Wow, there are so many cool veggies out there to cook!
  2. Hmm, buying produce that is in season is better for the environment and for me. I really wanted strawberries and shortcake the other day but settled for frozen strawberries in yogurt. GO ME!!!
  3. Chemicals are everywhere!! Organic is good:)
  4. Vegetables are much cheaper than meat. 
  5. I like looking down at my grocery cart and seeing it filled with produce. Makes me feel good in my brain.
  6. I don’t have to feel terribly guilty about semis jammed with turkeys, pigs, and cows driving on the highway.
  7. I try all sorts of new foods!!
  8. Man, do I eat healthy now(according to who/what I know)!!!
  9. I am officially a food snob. This is somewhat troubling. 

Let me end this by saying: I don’t judge you for eating meat (at least not to your face!) so please, show some consideration to the vegetarians!!