I take a Zumba class every Monday and Wednesday right after work. I guess I’m out of shape because it is really hard!!!! The only thing that keeps me going and not slacking off on the moves is this huge motto painted on the gym wall: CHALLENGE YOURSELF. So every Monday and Wednesday I position myself facing that wall and ZUMBA. And then I find out that my scalp sweats a lot and even the skin under my eyebrows likes to drip with sweat. Not my forehead, my eyebrows. 

Zumba makes me feel strong. I especially like punching the air, that song is my favorite. For some reason, I really love punching the air after a long day of being with my 29 students. Hehe. 

BTW, I look like those people up there when I Zumba. Really fresh and SOOOO cheerful!! Wanna watch people Zumba? Here, it’s funny!!!!

When I’m done Zumba-ing, I come home and drink a glass of chocolate milk to grow bigger MUSCLES!!!