So you get to the point in your life where you think, “Hmmm, I’m getting older. But I’m not old.” Here are my top reasons to knowing you are getting older:

  1. Younger people think you are boring and verbalize this to you. Often. 
  2. You love budgets and money planning.
  3. Younger siblings don’t think you are cool anymore and more importantly, they stop talking when you approach. 
  4. You love your pets a lot….you miss them when you are away from them.
  5. You are now eating healthy and exercising so you’ll live longer.
  6. Your students say “WOW!” when you tell them how old you are. And “You don’t look that old!” I MEAN SERIOUSLY, I’M ONLY 27, KIDS. 
  7. Rock music is too rocky.
  8. A quiet evening at home is something you look forward to. 
  10. You will be 28 next month and since time goes so freaking fast, 63 can’t be that far away. 

I was talking to some friends the other day and one of them is 50 or so. She said she doesn’t care about aging because she still feels young. The only bad thing is knowing you have fewer years before you than you do behind you. 

That’s what scares me about aging: not wrinkles and grey hair but knowing I will have to die soon. Or even worse, being mentally incapacitated in such a way that I don’t know who people are, who I am, or that I will die soon. Shudder. That’s why I eat POWER FOODS!!!

Of course, we all know we could die soon. But what is it like knowing you will only live 20 more years? 10 more years? Right now I’ve got a good 50 more years until I get feeble-old. What will my attitude be when I am 70? Will I panic at the shortness of my remaining life? 

Good thing I’ve got my dear friend Abby who has agreed to kill me when I get very old. J. will have to die before me because he has already told me he won’t let Abby do away with me, even if it is a mercy killing. 

So today I slept till 8, ate, helped my mommy set up bill pay on her banking website, went out to eat at a Korean restaurant w/ the fam, shopping at Whole Foods, then cleaned the WHOLE house in 30 minutes. Pretty damn good job cleaning too, if I say so myself. Now I need to go do yoga, wash the dog, finish paperwork to renew my teaching license, read, and then hubbby will be home. 

I apologize to everyone who actually reads this blog that I offended.