Okay, this post will be all about greasy food and my Trekie husband. And, good news, it is just now getting dark at 6:45!!!!

So today I got LJS (Long John Silvers) coupons in the mail. I know, yuck, gross, grease. But when you want it, you gotta have it. I really do eat very healthy most days. It’s just that sometimes, the urge hits and I know I can give in:)

So J. and I went to LJS as soon as he got home and we got free bead necklaces because it is Fat Tuesday!!! SO EXCITING!!! Now we’re at home, eating and watching Star Trek, TNG. J. is sitting and ranting about all the inaccuracies and I am just watching. We agreed this will be a yearly tradition, invented this year. Gross, Fat Tuesday will be awful from now on. Not that it was anything before.

Back to TNG….Pain, I feel great pain!!!!