Labor Day Weekend

This is my kids sunning to warm up after playing in cold hose water.  
After a busy weekend spent with family nearby and farther away, we stayed home on Monday. Got a few things done around the house, cleaned up the messes we left behind in our rush to get everywhere on time, and relaxed some. It was hot so we played in the water and had a fun time too! 

Go Fish and Dress Up

Yesterday we went to the library for story time and it went well! Did I tell you I banned the kids and I from going to the library together? Yep, that happened. We needed a break from our weekly visits and I reflected on why they seem rough and scattered to me. So yesterday we made another attempt, this time with a few new rules: the boys would stay off the computers, talk respectfully, and follow directions. I would drink my coffee, not yell, and read Caden lots of books while were were there (instead of choosing books). So yeah, we stayed mostly calm and mostly occupied the whole (2 hour!) visit.

The we went home, ate lunch, read, had quiet time and show, and played with play dough! DSC06456

C needed to play Go Fish afterward. DSC06461

E insisted on joining. Both kids are still learning how to play games and are very eager! They do happily volunteer cards when they glimpse another person has that card…..DSC06462

E was so delighted to play!DSC06463

C counted all his pairs and mine. Still skips 14 and 15 (he’s ALWAYS done this, it’s genetic?) and stumbles sometimes with 20s. DSC06467

Also, after quiet time my kids usually come downstairs dressed up in who knows what. Here’s E yesterday.  DSC06468

C the day before.IMG_8334

And E that day also. IMG_8339

They often raid J and my closet. ;)


Yesterday E worked examined algae from the creek trip and found a tiny red worm in it. He became obsessed with pulling it out but it got lost in the muck and we all were forced to search for it for a while before giving up! Then he moved on to playing with the trains.DSC06402

C lined up letters in alphabetical order, using an alphabet sheet to help him. As he was sounding some letters out (he is interested in this but only mildly) I showed him with the cards how to combine the b-e-d sounds to make the word bed. His little mind nearly exploded for a brief second and I saw a spark of recognition in his eyes. It was  a lovely moment, reminding me that YES, someday my kid will read. DSC06403

Here he is combines letters to spell his grandfather’s name. He stayed pretty focused on the alphabet and was only distracted by trains at letter t. DSC06406

E pretending to be a puppy. We play dogs much of the time around here and this is part of E’s personality that pops out all day long. My canine kid…. DSC06427

The boys played int eh sprinkler while I was watering the garden. It’s been so dry lately! DSC06441

C got water up his nose.DSC06445

E’s “ready, set, go!” routine during a sprinkler run. Later he sweetly asked “Can I pick dis one, Mama? Yes? Yes?” about a sweet pepper and when I said “no” he quickly accepted and dashed off. It’s nice when my answers are accepted that quickly! 092015

Marrot Park

We went to a new park yesterday and did what kids do best: explore and splash in water.   
E collected 2 snail and mussel shells and a few sticks and lost them all by the end of the trip. :)

I sat and looked at the trees while E ambled around and C built a dam with some friends.    

Also I found this cool fungi-ed pice of wood. 


More dam building. Only actually we were just making the “waterfall” higher so the water would splash louder. :)    
E brings more rocks over.

We found a tree wit algae growing on it and C really loved this area. Played with it for a while and we collected a bit to bring home and study.   
E attempted to walk on the same tree but didn’t feel safe so he turned back. 

 The cup of algae being used as an underwater rocket. C shouted triumphantly “Look, I made my very first rocket!” when he discovered the air in the container would cause it to shoot to the surface after he held it under water.   
We came home and did some coloring, cutting, and learning. Then went outside to paint with water on the driveway. 


C drifted off after a while but E stayed and wrote. He knows letters e, c, and s so far.  

Weekend Shenanigans 

 The boys like salt a LOT. Well, C likes it and E think many of the things C does are cool so E pretends to like salt too. Apparently they also like to grind it into J’s mouth as a tasty treat! 

C even licks when he doesn’t get any salt in his mouth…..
Playing games at lunch time. 
My painted coffe filter hat and E wearing my glasses. Funniest thing ever to a 2 year old!   

C drew, colored, nailed together this wooden Mario. 
J chopped up pizza toppings and we all made little veggie pizzas for dinner. C set up a “fancy” table for us. 

Last Week

The kids both found dead adult cicadas so they role played with them and made up stories. It was a little creepy ;)   
We went for a bike ride (both boys’ bikes broke over a mile from the house). E collapsed with frustration about something during our lunch break….


Stopped to take a picture and E wrecked his broken bike….

 C caught a butterfly.  
Everyone was over joyed when we made it home and we immediately buried the children in the sand.


And then we had a tea party. :) 


This kid. DSC06371

Last night he woke up around 11:30 needing to go to the bathroom. And because he’s 2, he needs help with that and because I sleep lightly I get to help him with that. Then he needed a drink from his “wa bobble” and fell back asleep with a smile on his face.

But at 4:39 am he woke again, knowing somehow it was getting closer to morning and  he insisted, as he does every morning, that he needed to go downstairs and sleep on the couch. After lots of loud complaining, he was convinced to sleep beside me in bed (J vacated the bed and went somewhere?). But I couldn’t get back to sleep because my uterus was complaining (yay, thanks!). And sneaking away from The World’s Most Alert Sleeping Two Year Old didn’t work so right now I’m medicated, on the couch, with a loudly snoozing kid-with-a-cold beside me. It’s 5:51 am. But hey! At least I have some ibuprofen in my system so now my head and jaw won’t hurt as much today and maybe I can be a nice parent! DSC06372

Also, it’s J’s birthday. Yay! Positivity! Need to go upstairs and turn off my alarm for 6:00….DSC06373

So yes! Monday! J’s birthday! 6 broken hours of sleep!

Ponyo Soup

One of our family traditions is Ponyo Soup. Even in the summer :) It involves lots of vegetable chopping, learning how to season broth, and patience as the bowls of noodles and veggies steam.  
Then we turn on Ponyo and eat! 

C scarfed down his and E are slowly. 


Monday at Home

We seem to spend most Mondays at home. I didn’t get much sleep last night for too many nights in a row so I found myself wishing I could get away a lot. Dang big bird that wants to swoop in windows and fly away with E in the night. Certainly has put a damper on getting in rest when it is dark! ;)

C got the urge to sew today (not unusual) and he looked through his sewing book and decided to make A Little Friend. He worked on and off for 1-2 hours on this creature and got happily frustrated along the way. When he was finally done, he was so deeply proud of his work!

Being so distracted by Little Friend, even when he wanted to take a break, he didn’t concentrate much on other work. Writing lower case m is hard for him.

He ended up being silly a lot.   

E however, was pretty focused on the tool table. Why am I mildly surprised how absorbed he gets in this area, and in the electronic and snap circuits?

E also wrote today. The one in the notebook was a grocery list I heard him narrating while he wrote. 


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