Making Sugar Cookies

We’re up to lots of new things around here! Some stuff stays the same, such as naps:


Or fighting naps really. E is wondering if he really wants to nap anymore and some days he doesn’t decide until 3 or 4 pm….


New jokes and tricks to a 1 year old: throwing mulch at Mama while she runs screaming to escape. ;)

What the 4 year old does as a special surprise for me: drawing a picture on the wall. He then get s little offended when I’m not entirely pleased with his gift.


C’s project today was making sugar cookies. C checked off each ingredient as we pulled set them on the counter. His check mark seems to be more like a “+” currently.


Creaming it all by hand was a bit tough for him so we took turns. IMG_2433

This little guy is always there learning along with us, only in STYLE.


Press down the flour and also scrape it off, double measured.


Mixing by hand.


Much of the dough ended up here:


Crazy Boys

My boys relationship goes like this:

“Good morning baby E! Hi hi hi hi hi!” Lots of cuddles and laughing commence.

Then C gets a little too cuddly and starts to squish and poke E’s face….

At this point, E remembers C’s hair is curly and delightful to swipe at.

E grabs a handful of hair and pulls excitedly. C yells and complains and I help him escape.

Loving moment starts and is over in about 30 seconds. But don’t worry, they do this about 20 times a day so there’s lots of little bits brotherly love going around.

Here’s E, filled with sweet and happy love.

And here’s my toddler, sleeping with a COMPLETELY safe balloon in his mouth.

Awesome ;)



So this is me relaxing in my “new” hammock (I bought it 2 years ago but J and C just hung it last week for my birthday). And my relaxing involved holding a baby who wanted to cuddle to sleep so he was fussing, babbling, and smiling. My third hammock companion was a two year old who likes to pretend the hammock is a pirate ship crashing on rocks in a stormy sea (thanks Swiss Family Robinson). So yeah, it was “relaxing”. Fun anyway ;)

Also, this evening C took off for the bathroom during dinner, something I’m still getting used to my kid being able to do. My kid uses the toilet! All the time! By himself! While sitting on his little toilet, C was playing with the diaper sprayer (similar to a sink sprayer, just hooked to the toilet water pipes) and he accidentally sprayed himself in the face. To any kid, especially one exhausted from a long day of play and work, this would be horrifically tragic and C was sobbing hysterically. So I just wrapped him in a towel and held him to calm him down while I finished my dinner. It wasn’t until I was done eating that I looked down and saw he was asleep. And he was still naked under that towel.

In his 1.5 months of learning to use the toilet, C has only wet a diaper once at night. And THAT was the one time we forgot to change him from underwear to a diaper. So I didn’t want to chance it tonight, no matter his awesome track record. Carried him up to his bed, and stealthily snapped a diaper on while he stayed fast asleep. And he stayed sound asleep.

Funny kid :)

And end of random story :)

Sunny Day

Today was one of our first perfectly sunny and warm days where we live. Spring has been late this year! We spent hours outside today, until about 1:00 when the sun was really beaming down. Then the responsible mother concerned about sun exposure made the ungrateful toddler go inside for a snack and rest. That didn’t make C very happy at all!

Here’s some of what we did in all morning.


Can you imagine how it must feel to have your bare legs on grass for the first time in your entire life? Kinda scary, overwhelming, and exciting according to E. :)



And, since he’s really new to sitting without assistance, he also fell backwards into grass for the first time ever. That last photo has a big Mama shadow rushing in to help! Also, overexposure for the win! Must remember to lower ISO when going outside ;)


IMG_2136 C rode his bike, played in the sandbox, and then spent hours making waterfalls and rivers with our two hoses. Apparently the helmet kept his head dry so he kept it on. ;)


IMG_2140 Here is one of his “waterfalls”. Also, yes, he’s wearing just a shirt and underwear. He only has one pair of shorts right now so we’re not wasting them on playing at home in the mud. Also, I really need to go to some garage sales to buy little boy clothes!


IMG_2147 E’s serious “I want to eat the camera” face. I have to hold his little arm down so he won’t grab it!


IMG_2149 Followed by his “My brother is spraying me with the hose!” face. I just happened to be taking a picture when C decided it would be funny to spray his ever loving mother and darling baby brother. I really need to stop running away screaming when he does this, it only encourages him. Of course he had to sit and calm down and apologize afterward but I think he’ll remember my freak out and not the consequence! ;)



C back to his work after hose shenanigans. This boy works HARD all day long. He was very ready for bed at 6:00, a hour before his normal bedtime.

Fun day!

April Stuffs



Lately all I do is post pics of my kids. My reasons for this are:

  1. My kids take a lot of time right now and I don’t do many other awesome things. I will be able to soon though! For example, today I the boys and I went to a store to return something and spend a gift certificate, strollered across the parking lot to the mall, ate lunch, returned something else, then strollered back to our car, drove to the grocery, then drove home. Two months ago this would have taken alllllll day and I would have sobbed from the stress and screaming baby. Today it was kinda easy. EASY!! Wow. I’m so impressed with my tiny family!
  2. And, my sister lives in Baltimore and my brother in Pennsylvania. So OF COURSE I have to post lots of baby pictures otherwise they’ll visit home and say “Now, which nephew is this again? I don’t recognize this one.” Hahaha.


IMG_1821 Baby E grinning happily. The little dude babbles up a storm now, it’s so fun to watch him growing and learning. The whole family smiles a lot more when he’s around. :)

IMG_1879 Also, he screams to let you know you aren’t fulfilling his wishes. He generally doesn’t have a lot of demands but all his mental growing means he gets bored and wants to be involved more often. He lets you know this very loudly. ;)

IMG_1883 C’s bottom! The Big Dude uses the toilet now at two and a half years old! Well, he’s used the toilet for 2 years already but NOW he does it on his own. He learned quickly and stays dry all day and night with few reminders from us. It’s really nice to be back to having only one kid needing diaper changes.

IMG_1952 E nursing. In about a month he’ll start eating solid food and I won’t be able to say I grew him from a single cell to a giant baby. Kinda sad….

IMG_1973 My sweet toddler :)

IMG_1979 J took this picture just to show HOW FREAKING COOL I AM. Can you see it in my eyes???? Actually, I was probably more exhausted than cool but oh well. Or maybe high?? I can’t remember, the sleep deprivation is ruining my brain.

IMG_1987 A proud mama moment: my kid will take a PACIFIER!!! It only took about 5 months but I can occasionally pop it in and he’ll cheerfully suck away and calm down WITHOUT my boob. This is nice for me.

IMG_1990 E turned 5 months old. C turned 32 months old but I’m a slacker and haven’t taken his bimonthly picture yet. I’ll do that tomorrow.

IMG_2047 Sweet happy baby!

IMG_2064 I love C’s chubby hands when he uses his play dough. Cookie cutters to him mean “Push just hard enough to make an outline”. And he likes to use all the cookie cutters in the same spot to make a chaos of imprints.

IMG_2072 I’d like to think my boys will be best friends one day and influence each other to do great and wonderful things. I’m worried though that they will actually be daring and dangerous together and scare me to death daily with their terrifying feats.

IMG_2081 Until then they like to cuddle and hug and kiss.

IMG_2120And of course they have one of the best dads out there. :) My amazing husband resting with his tiny boy.

My Friday

I’m partially trapped under a nursing baby so this post will be short on words due to one handed typing.

Friday, the day before we bought my new tiny “sports van” (J’s name for it!) I walked to a nearby park with C in the stroller and E in the baby carrier. Hey, I have 2 hands free now! SOOOO much easier to type! Anyway, we walked since I had no car BUT I DO NOW. :) A shiny silver Mazda5. Such a tiny van! I love it! But I can’t drive it alone yet since it is a manual though I am learning! I think I just need a few more lessons and I’ll be comfortable driving my kiddos around. Until then I’m sticking with my Civic and J is driving the Mazda5 to work.

But Friday. Back to Friday. Here is our walk in pictures.


C found these pretty blue eggs under the slide. “I be so gentle, Mama!” he insisted when I told him to leave them alone. Do you know how hard it is for a toddler to stay away from eggs on a playground? Pretty dang hard but he managed fairly well. Eventually C carefully covered them in mulch to keep them warm and couldn’t find them after that. Hehe. I didn’t tell him he was digging for them 6 inches away from where the nest actually was….

And then he forgot about them! Out of sight, out of mind!

The eggs were warm, the size of our chicken eggs, and there was no hovering mama. Only distant cranes and ducks. Any ideas on the type of egg?

20130426-160929.jpg Finally I pried my elder kid away from the playground and we started home. E was pretty content the whole time in the Ergo baby carrier on my chest. Since I’m the most awesome person in the world to him, he smiled up at me as he drifted off to sleep. It’s nice to be the object of hero worship sometimes :)


20130426-160936.jpgC fell asleep in the stroller on the walk home. I only knew he was asleep when a school bus drove by us and he didn’t freak out with glee…. BTW, Friday’s weather was actually pretty warm but C refused to take off his coat. Eh, oh well!



E sleeping contentedly in his favorite place, on ME. Someday I’ll teach him to sleep alone and in a crib. The same day C decides to give me more than .02 seconds of silence so I can actually lay down my napping baby without waking him.



I like this pic cause C looks so giant and distorted compared to E. And because E will never have a moment alone when his adoring brother is around. Built in best friend!! I hope….

Little Boys Laughing

When E was 5 days old, I was sitting next to him as he lay in his bassinet in the NICU. I was just catching up on Facebook before taking a much needed nap and I laughed at something my SIL had written. Smiling, I looked over at my tiny baby and in his sleep he was smiling and laughing too. It was a bright moment in that hard place.

Today I was sitting with my boys cuddled on me, C had a fever and was watching Curious George and E was nursing to sleep. C laughed at something in his show and E, right beside him, chuckled back while sound asleep.

Such an amazing thing to see my boys together and the sweet connection they already have. :)


First Day Back



Well, I’m back from Baltimore and in my lovely home again. Back to my big(ger) boy who refused to talk to me or even look at me yesterday at the airport. It took him about 30 minutes to even hold my hand (while still pretty much avoiding eye contact) but when we got home? Yeah, some snuggles and nursing on the couch got me back on his good side. It was pretty dang hilarious to see my Mama’s Boy entirely shun me.


E turned 4 months last week but I didn’t take his monthly pic until today. Cause I’m awesome like that. Here he is in all his 4 Month Glory:


I like it when C sweetly squeezes E’s legs and says “Chunky legs! Chunky legs!!”. Apparently my toddler actually pays attention to what I do. It’s funny to see C kissing, hugging, and talking to E the way J and I do. ;)


Starred Photos48 The steps to opening a package NAKED on a learning to use the toilet day. FWI- My kid can already pee standing up and had NO accidents today. I’ll delete this post in a few years when C decides he’s too cool for his potty training time to be out on Internetland for all to see.


The highlight of our day today was C opening his Discovery space shuttle I got him while in DC. There was lots of vrooming and “Mama, teach me to make a ‘splosion!”. Had to tell the kid that his toy space shuttle would in fact NOT blast off like the ones on TV do….

Starred Photos46




Can anyone pick out the Sadie dog tail in this shot? I had to edit her rear end out of a few pictures….. Whenever I get on the floor to play or take pictures, Sadie gets all up in my face since she’s on the neglected side of life now. Poor doggie.


Starred Photos47


My very talented (hahaha) photographer son took these pictures.



E has started rolling over all the time now. He was actually getting some Naked Butt Time here, was forgotten during the space shuttle playing, then whined loudly to get us to notice him again. Sorry kid, Discovery is awesome, what can I say? ;) To get revenge for the lack of lovin’, he peed on the floor while I was taking this picture. fortunately I think baby pee is harmless so all I did was soak it up with a cloth diaper and then forget about it.


  • Throughout the day today C spilled 3 bath towels worth of water on the kitchen floor.
  • C broke the brand spanking new French press (the second one he’s broken).
  • We ate lunch with my mom, I bought an awesome skirt for our supposed spring weather, and I got chocolates at a little shop nearby. A treat for after dinner, which I’ll be eating in 5 minutes at almost 9:00 PM. 

Time to go eat a juicy steak, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli  and roasted turnips. Yummy leftovers from dinner J made yesterday!

Baltimore Vacation

E and I are in Baltimore visiting my younger sister Jo who lives here. I was going to roadtrip it with my mom and sis but ended up buying a plane ticket so E wouldn’t scream the whole way in his much loathed carseat. Instead he nursed, smiled, and slept the whole flight ;) I got here in 4 hours instead if 9 driving hours.

Tiny Boy has been doing well considering we’re interrupting all his naps to sightsee and eat at awesome restaurants ;) Right now he’s sleeping in my arms though and has been snoozing for about 3 hours. He’ll probably sleep until 7-8 tomorrow morning, of course wanting to eat every few hours! My mom happily held him earlier (though I had to swaddle him to get him to stay asleep away from me!) and I took a hot bubble bath. Then I ate a whole meal without him too!! Ahh :)

Also- my shoulders are sore from carrying 18 pounds of baby in the Ergo for hours and hours!




Oh, that’s a little red hatted baby peaking out of my coat. I had him in the Ergo (baby carrier) under my coat so he stayed toasty warm ;)

My Boys

There’s nothing quite so sweet as seeing your kid, who recently learned how to rub his eyes when he’s tired, rub his eyes when he wakes in the morning. Seriously, it cracks me up with the cuteness :) Smiles, squirming, rubbing of the eyes, yawning, and sticking out the tongue. This new little E Waking Up routine makes mornings delightful.


Then he makes these sweet faces up at me when he’s in the Ergo baby carrier.


So hilarious!


And yeah, I’m the mama of two boys who were both screaming hysterically on the way home from a party tonight. C hasn’t cried in the car in months yet he chose to tonight. And E would stop his shrieking to listen to his brother, freak out since he hates C’s pain, get a horrified look and howl in this awful tragic way. Pretty sad. Both boys nursed and fell asleep pretty quickly when we FINALLY made it home. Whew!



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